Veterinary Physiotherapist, licensed and insured.


Francesca trained as a veterinary nurse in Cambridge before moving to the United States of America to pursue a career with racehorses. Due to an injury she was forced to stop riding and returned to veterinary medicine. She worked as an assistant and practice manager for the resident vets at the Fair Hill Training Centre in Maryland. On her return to the United Kingdom she worked for race horse trainer Nick Alexander, before moving to Dumfriesshire to set up a rehab and point-to-point yard.

She is now a full time veterinary physiotherapist, treating horses, dogs and the occasional bull!  Fully trained in the use of therapeutic ultrasound, pulsed magnetic electrotherapy and phototherapy she also uses a variety of manual therapies and provides tailored exercise programmes.


Musculoskeletal conditions
Neurological dysfunction
Tendon and ligament injuries
Orthopedic conditions
Back Problems
Wounds and proud flesh
Below par performance


Therapeutic Ultrasound
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
Massage and Stretching
Tailored Rehabilitation Programmes


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